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SharePoint List Properties Feature

You can download the List Properties features from here.


This feature adds the hyperlink List Properties to the General Settings section of the  List Settings page.


 When you click on the hyperlink, a page opens displaying all the list properties arranged in sections. The more general properties are shown in the List Poperties section. It also contains a link that leeds you to the page where you can change the title, the description and the navigation options for the list.


The other list properties are collections and are shown in expandable sections:


Click the + sign to expand the section. When you take a look at the Fields section, you see that only a number of field properties are listed. If you want to modify the column, click the hyperlink in the Display name column, which will bring you to the FldEdit.aspx page – which is a standard SharePoint page – where you can make the necessary changes. You can also add a new column by clicking the Create new column hyperlink at the bottom of the section. This brings you to the FldNew.aspx page.


When you expand the Content Types section you will see the main properties displayed. If you want to modify the content type, you can click the hyperlink in the Name column. This brings you to the ManageContentType.aspx page, which is a standard SharePoint page.


Each list inherits from at least one base type. If you want to add other content type to the list, you must first make sure the list is content type enabled. Clicking that link brings you to the advsetng.apx page where you can configure advanced settings like content types. If you already made your list content type enabled, you will see the hyperlink Add from existing site content type which leads you to the AddContentTypeToList.aspx page.

Click the View Details link if you want to see more details of the assigned content types. You can grab the id, which is needed in various places when doing SharePoint development (like defining a new content type based on this content type or developing a custom workflow and you need the content type id of a certain task list). Expand the Fields section if you want to see the fields that are part of the content type. But it also contains a visualization of the inheritance tree of the content type.


The List Properties feature also contains information about event handlers. When event handlers are attached to the list, you will see the details here. You can also remove an event handler from here.

[figure event handlers]

You can also find detailed information about the worflows that are attached to this list. From here you are also able to modify an attached workflow or to add another one through the standard SharePoint pages:


You find an OK button at the top and at the bottom of the page. Click this button to return to the List Settings page.


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  2. CPU and memory are 100% after trying to use that.

    Comment by Amiram | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  3. Karine, can I get the code?


    Comment by vj | September 21, 2009 | Reply

  4. After I saw you tool, I have a some of additional functional ideas, So it will be great if you can help me in getting your source code.

    Comment by Prince | November 5, 2009 | Reply

  5. I have the same problem, CPU and memory are 100% after trying to use taht

    Comment by Maxi | December 20, 2009 | Reply

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