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SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2013 – International speakers announced!

SPS 2012 BelgiumThe BIWUG board also announces that besides Mikael Svenson, also following international speakers will be present at our SharePoint Saturday of April 27th:

Wouter Van Vught

Brendan Griffin

Adam Burcher

Other speakers will be revealed soon on http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/belgium/default.aspx.


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SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2013 – First speaker announced!

The BIWUG board is very proud to announce our first speaker:

Mikael Svenson

SPS 2012 BelgiumMikael SvensonMikael was also speaker at the SharePoint Conference 2012 at Las Vegas, something most of us dream of, but only a happy few are chosen. He presented a session on People Search and Extensibility in SharePoint 2013. He is a well-known SharePoint Server MVP and his contribution to the SharePoint Search domain is highly esteemed.

This is the first speaker we announce but a lot of other speakers will be revealed the coming days and weeks. We will also start filling up the agenda as of following week. So stay tuned to http://www.sharepointsaturday.org/belgium/default.aspx.

Hope to see you there!

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CAML Designer for SharePoint 2013 released!

Andy Van Steenbergen and I worked very very hard to revamp the CAML Designer and finally the tool is ready to be released: here is the CAML Designer for SharePoint 2013!I don’t need to mention that we are very proud of it 🙂

This version is much more user friendly and no hasle with resizing of the different panels anymore. The design is metro style based.


The functionality of this version of the tool is similar to what it offers you for SharePoint 2010:

  • you can build CAML queries for single lists
  • you can build queries that can be executed with SPSiteDataQuery
  • beside the pure CAML queries, you can also get code snippets for the server-side object model, the .NET client-side object model, the JavaScript client-side object model and last but not least code snippets when working with REST.

With this first version of the tool you are not able to connect to SharePoint 2013 online yet, but it is definitely something we are going to look at for next version.

In the past, a number of additional functionalities have been requested, like f.e. a search box to search for a field in a list with a lot of fields. These functionalities have not yet been built in. Also taxonomy support for client-side object has been enhanced in SharePoint 2013 but these enhancements are not yet reflected in the tool.

As you can see, we still have a lot of work on our plate to make it the perfect tool 🙂

You can download the tool from the BIWUG site. Click the download tab, select the CAML Designer and there you will find a link to download the application.

A detailed explanation on how to use the tool can be found here.

Have fun with it and please, don’t hesitate to give us your feedback!!

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SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2012

There we go again! With our new BIWUG board we are organizing our second SharePoint Saturday on April 28th 2012. This time SharePoint Saturday is hosted at Xylos, located at  Business Faculty Brussel, St. Lendriksborre 6 Font Saint Landry,  1120 Brussel (Neder-Over-Heembeek)

Our agenda is not yet complete but we can already tell you that we were able to attract speakers like Chirstina Wheeler, Penny Coventry and Wouter Van Vugt. Naturally we have also Belgian talent that will give sessions based on their experience with SharePoint. All sessions will be based on SharePoint 2010.

This time we will also have at least 3 tracks: a SharePoint Power user track, an IT Pro/Administrator track, and a Developer track.

You can find more details about sessions, speakers and sponsors at our special SharePoint Saturday site. More and more information will become available on the site in the coming days and months. So stay tuned! 

Subscriptions started…. TONIGHT! You can subscribe here.

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BIWUG event on 21 December 2011: SharePoint 2010 Multilingual Solutions (Variations) Deep Dive

On 21th December 2011 BIWUG organizes a deep dive session on Variations in SharePoint 2010. This presentation is done by Pascal Benois, one of Microsofts Premier Field engineers and an expert in this domain.

This session will cover level 400 topics on SharePoint 2010 Variations. The following topics will be covered: concepts and internals of variations (page vs. site variations), concepts and internals of configuration, variation Timer Jobs internals, different flavors of variations (automatic, manual, different site templates, same site templates, …), the “famous relationships list”, stsadm and PowerShell commands which assist variations, changes between 2007 and 2010.

Demos will be performed while some coding aspects will be covered. It will be shown how variations can be used for other purposes than just implementing multilingual solutions.

There are 80 seats available. You can register here.

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BIWUG event on SharePoint 2010 Multilingual User Interface

BIWUG organizes its next event on Wednesday 30 November 2011 around SharePoint 2010 Multilingual User Interface.

Doing a SharePoint project in a multilingual environment can be tricky. In this BIWUG session we will focus on how the new MUI (Multilingual User Interface) allows for multilingual collaboration scenarios.  We will show you how MUI and the SharePoint variations framework relate to each other.  Next to showing the out of the box features we will do a deep dive for developers explaining how to use the MUI framework in SharePoint custom solutions. The session will wrap up with some best practices and pitfalls as well as a round the table discussion to exchange ideas.

The presentation will be a joined effort by Joris Poelmans (Real Dolmen) and Andy Vansteenbergen (Ordina). Unfortunately the event is already sold out 🙂

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Silverlight series in SharePoint Magazine

Recently a new article in my Silverlight series is published in SharePoint Magazine. This is already the 4th part in the Silverlight series. This article explains how you can build your own Silverlight web part using the Visual Web Part template of the Visual Studio 2010 tools for SharePoint 2010.

Next article will be on hosting Silverlight applications from within a Web Part tool pane.

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Techdays Videos and Presentations available!

Techdays 2011 @ Antwerp had some very interesting sessions. All session recordings and slides are available @ www.techdays.com. Besides that, you can also relive the developer sessions on Channle9.

Although I had a session myself together with Serge Luca on Best Practices and Application Lifecycle Management of SharePoint applications, my own top 3 is:

Have fun with these videos! Hope you learn something out of it 🙂

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Demo Day @ Microsoft Belgium

Yesterday I was at the second demo day organized by Microsoft Belgium. As I’m used to technical presentations, my expectations weren’t that high. But I was so wrong! Almost all presentation were about the cloud and all presentations were done by very skilled people.

I avoided to follow presentations on SharePoint as I want to get a better insight in the other products Microsoft is offering so I followed presentations on Lync, XRM Online,  Dynamics NAV, Hybrid Cloud (mixing cloud and on-premise). I just couldn’t resist following the session on FAST given by Jan Tielens: very well built up and very clear, as always. But it was Bart Vierbergen with his presentation on CRM Online and Office 365 that got the drive in me in a higher gear.

And on top of this excellent day, I was so lucky to win the XBox with Kinect! Now I’m awaiting impatiently for the Kinect for Windows SDK beta to become available 🙂

Thank you Microsoft for these wonderful technologies!

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Silverlight series in SharePoint Magazine

Recently a new article in my Silverlight series is published in SharePoint Magazine. It’s only the second part and describes the basics on how to host a simple Silverlight application in the out of the box Silverlight webpart in SharePoint 2010. It also explains how you can pass data from the Silverlight webpart to the Silverlight application using the InitParameters property. Next article will be about the Silverlight Client Object Model.

This magazine now also has a printed version where 3 of my Silverlight articles are published.

Enjoy the reading!

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