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Add or Modify SharePoint 2013 Search Topology using a PowerShell built User Interface

In SharePoint 2013, there is no real user interface to modify the search topology. Well, there is, but you can only use for a single server farm. If you have more servers in your SharePoint farm, you have to do this through PowerShell.

One of my South-African Premier Field Engineer colleagues Scott Stewart developed a tool on top of PowerShell WITH UI to create or modify a search topology.

Read more about it here: “Add or Modify SharePoint 2013 Search Topology using a PowerShell built User Interface

A few screenshots to get you curious ūüôā

Search topology tool

Search topology

It looks like a very promising tool! Have fun with it!


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Debugging the Display Template

I’ve been playing with Search in both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 the last couple of days. It took me some time to get used to the¬†differences in SharePoint 2013¬†but¬†I have to admit that I’m really impressed about the new features of Search in SharePoint 2013. But this post is not another post on what Search has to offer in SharePoint 2013.

Today I¬†had the Display Templates on my agenda. One of the things I tried out was¬†adding a¬†managed property to the <mso:ManagedPropertyMapping> element and it took me some time to figure out why I couldn’t¬†render the¬†value of that managed property.

This blog post explains how you can debug the ctx.CurrentItem  using Chrome but I used an alternative using the Developer tools of Internet Explorer:

  • Press F12 to open the Developer Tools.
  • Click the Script tab.
  • Select your Javascript file from the dropdown in the upper right corner of the screen. In my case this was the item_default.js.
  • Place a breakpoint right after the test on existence of the ctx.CurrentItem object.
  • Click the Start Debugging button.
  • Execute the search query again.

The debugger will stop at your breakpoint:

Debug Display Templates 1

In the Watch window you can verify the content of ctx.CurrentItem:

Debug Display Templates 2

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