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The SharePoint Framework

Microsoft just announced the new development framework to develop against SharePoint. Don’t get worried, don’t throw your Add-ins through the windows, they are there to stay. 🙂  The SharePoint framework is just another tool in your toolbox to to ease the client-side development of pages and (web) parts. This framework will be deployed to SharePoint Online. It is not sure yet if it will be released on SharePoint 2016 on premise, but anyway not on SharePoint 2013 on premise.

You can read more about this brand new SharePoint framework here.

The framework itself is not released yet, but you can start preparing to get started: start learning TypeScript and React, and become familiar with tools like node.js, Gulp, Yeoman, and Git. Waldek Mastykarz has just posted a nice writeup on all these tools and techniques. And more details can be found on the blog of Chris O’Brien.

As a side note, I had the chance to play with a “beta” version during the DevKitchen that was organized in Brussels, a few weeks ago. The SharePoint product group came over to Brussels to give us an introduction to this very new SharePoint framework. And together with the product group, the creme of the european SharePoint community came to Brussels to participate to this event. This was just a week before the explosions, AND in the neighbourhood of one of them. I still get goose bumps when I think about what could have happened to the SharePoint community.

Keep your eyes on the net, because you will see popping up a lot of posts the coming weeks and months 🙂

Have fun!


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