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Do not use SPUtility.CreateNewDiscussions(SPListItemCollection, title) but use SPUtility.CreateNewDiscussions(SPList, title) method instead

Internally the method SPUtility.CreateNewDiscussions(SPListItemCollection, title) executes the SPListItemCollection.Add method to add a new discussion item to the list.


The SPListItemCollection.Add method is know for loading the whole list item collection into memory before adding a new Discussion list item. This can cause poor performance and even throttling for large lists.

It is recommended to use the SPUtility.CreateNewDiscussions(SPList, title) method instead, as this method internally executes the SPList.ItemAdd() method.


SPList.ItemAdd() does not load all list items in memory but executes a dummy CAML query to retrieve an empty SPListItemCollection to which a new item is added.


March 10, 2016 Posted by | SharePoint 2010 | 1 Comment