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SharePoint 2007 out of support

Last week I received the question “Is SharePoint 2007 still supported?”

My first reaction was “euh, what??” SharePoint 2010 mainstream support has just ended, so SharePoint 2007 is surely not supported anymore. But the customer referred to this page, saying that SharePoint 2007 was under support till October 10th 2017: https://support.microsoft.com/nl-be/lifecycle/search?sort=PN&alpha=SharePoint%20Server%202007&Filter=FilterNO

My colleague Peter Loete and I took a closer look to the support page, and this is the table from which the customer deducted that SharePoint 2007 was still under support:

SP2007 support

So, no mainstream support anymore for SP2007 SP3: it ended on September 10th 2012. Extended support, at the other side, is still available till October 10th 2017.

What’s included in extended support? You can read more about it here.


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SharePoint 2010 mainstream support ends on October 13th 2015

Although a lot of my customers still are on SharePoint 2010, mainstream support ends for all SharePoint 2010 installations with SP2 on October 13th 2015. If you’re not yet on SP2, you can still download it from here.

If you are a Microsoft Premier customer, you get extended support. You can read the details here.

You can find official information on the product lifecycle of SharePoint 2010 here.

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