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CAML Designer 2013 – Summer Update


While I was on holiday my friend Andy van Steenbergen released a new version of the CAML Designer. He solved a number of bugs and also added snippets for PowerShell!

You can find more details about the new release in Andy’s blog post and download the new version from the biwug site on the download tab.

If you find bugs, you can always report them to camlfeedback@biwug.be.

Nice work Andy! 🙂


August 28, 2013 - Posted by | CAML Designer


  1. Thanks… nice update for power shell. But currently facing a issue in CAML Designer 2013.

    These are the steps I followed.

    1. Installed Offline version of CAML Designer 2013.
    2. Connected to site using current logged in user and selected a List.
    3. In where tab drag and drop ID field to These are the selected fields. (this was by mistake instead i needed Content Type field)
    4. So again I drag ID from These are the selected fields to Fields of the list.
    here need to mention that Thanks for solving this issue that when dragging field from selected to Fields of list it was showing same as selected fields with Equals, Greater than etc..

    5. Now I tried to drag content type field but it doesn’t work…

    Comment by Amar Trivedi | October 5, 2013 | Reply

    • We know this is still a problem; the bug is listed and will be solved in next version.
      Thanks for using the tool!

      Comment by Karine Bosch | October 5, 2013 | Reply

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